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Eye Clinics and Pigmentary Uveitis (PU)

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Pigmentary Uveitis

OFA Registrations for
Golden Retrievers 8 years and older

 Pigmentary Uveitis (PU) is such a serious and painful disease, we want to encourage everyone with older dogs to get them checked by a *veterinary ophthalmologist even if they have never been used in a breeding program. Additionally, since PU is such a serious and painful disease, we want to encourage everyone with older dogs to get them checked even if they have never been used in a breeding program. Paying for the OFA registration is our way to encourage and support this effort.

If you own a golden, PLEASE educate yourself on this very serious eye condition by reading this article:  http://animaleyecare.net/diseases/grpu/

The Golden Retriever Foundation is very excited to announce that plans have been finalized to pay for OFA registrations for Golden Retrievers 8 years and older to be added to online registries. With the designation of Pigmentary Uveitis (PU) as a very serious hereditary disorder in Golden Retrievers and the realization that most dogs with this serious condition will not present with the disease until after many are no longer being bred, the newest recommendation is to check dogs annually for life.
It is understood that all dogs will be included in the public database so the owner must agree to results being published.
Lets all work together to help reduce the occurrence of this painful eye disease.

For more detailed information on this project, subscribe to GRF Updates. Please share this update with anyone you feel may be interested! To join, simply send a blank email to:
* Veterinary Ophthalmologists:
Although there are no full time Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologists currently working in Alaska, several Kennel Clubs and Breed Clubs in the State are sponsoring health clinics for OFA eye exams at various times of the year.  Midnight Sun Golden Retriever Club encourages you to take advantage of having your older dogs examined at one of these clinics.  
Additionally, Dr. Alan Brightman comes up to Anchorage every month and Fairbanks several times a year (Jan. May & Sept.)  Dr. Brightman sees patients at Highland Animal Clinic, 11650 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage, AK 99515. Phone: 907-344-0561 to make an appointment.  
Fairbanks: Mt. McKinley Animal Hospital.  Phone: 907-452-6104. Cost is $100.00 with a discount of $75.00 for the second dog.

FEBRUARY 8th & 9th, 2020: 
Sponsored by the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Alaska and Working Group Dog Club of Alaska.  Cost is $44.00 - Dr. Scherlie.  There will be a discount for people bringing 6 or more dogs.
Saturday, 8th Feb. will be in Palmer at Diana's Place and Sunday, 9th Feb. will be in Anchorage at The Pet Stop.

Please click the link below for more details and the registration form.  They are asking that you reserve your spot EARLY:
30th and 31st 2020 (and each Memorial Day Weekend): 
Tanana Valley Kennel Club, Fairgrounds in Fairbanks
Contact Sue at Vericool@acsalaska.net   $40.00
24th and 25th, 2020 (every last weekend in July)
Cook Inlet Kennel Club, Palmer Fairgrounds  
Contact:  Kathy Kochendorfer okcorral@mtaonline.net
(Dr. Scherlie)
If you have any questions about any of the clinics, email Beverly at aimhigr@gmail.com



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